Andrew George Wallace

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Andrew is an independent game developer. He is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, where he recieved a B.A. in Game Design: Development in May of 2014.

Recently, Andrew's projects have mostly made use of Unity3D, but he is also experienced with XNA and Source. He believes it is important for any game designer to have experience with all positions on the development team, and as such divides his time between designing systems and levels, programming, and creating both 2D and 3D art assets. He has a working knowledge of Unity, Hammer, Visual Studio, Paint.Net, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Maya. Scripting languages he has used include C#, Javascript,C++, LUA, PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS.

Andrew was designing games long before he made the decision to pursue it as a career. At age six he was using the Warcraft II level editor to make extremely one sided battles where players would start with dozens of dragons and the computer would start with a single footman, and in junior high school he would often spend his lunch hours programming text adventure games on his TI-84 calculator. The idea to become a professional game designer came in high school after his friend introduced him to Hammer and the Source engine, and he started making levels for Garry's Mod and Half Life 2. Andrew is interested in making games with rich story architecture that respond dynamically to player choice. He is inspired by Warren Spector, Joss Whedon, Steven Moffat, and Aaron Sorkin.

In his free time, Andrew enjoys reading, camping, rock climbing, drawing, and of course, playing games.