A simple game about circles.

Available now for free on the Google Play Store.

CES Experiences

Honda DreamDrive

In late 2016 I did contract work at Trigger Global on two booth demos for CES 2017- an augmented reality project for ODG, the makers of the R-9 SmartGlasses, and a VR project using the HTC Vive for Honda.

3D Product Configurators

Atlatl Software

As a Software Maintenance Engineer at Atlatl Software, I worked on multiplatform product configurators for a variety of clients. More information is available at Atlatl's website.

Global Game Jam 2016: Lich's Brew

Lich's Brew

A frantic 2D local multiplayer game in which players take turns creating elaborate rituals and trying to recreate them. I was lead programmer and designer on the 5-person team at USC that created it.

It is available for downloadon its GGJ page.

Older Games

Chicago Game Jam 2013: Don't Eat Apples Tomorrow, Henry


Responsibilities: Lead Programmer, Additional Design

In D.E.A.T.H., you play as the hand of fate, attempting to save a comically unlucky man on his trip to the store- but you can only interact with things indirectly. This game was created in just 40 hours by a team who had never met each other before.

You can play it here.